The coronavirus pandemic is changing the idea of normal for a lot of people. There may be some habits that your senior is developing now that will serve her well after the coronavirus finally runs its course. Some of those habits might be ones that she’s done throughout her life, like washing her hands to remove germs, but others might still be new, like practicing social distancing. 

Frequent Handwashing

Senior Care Holdingford, MN: Habits to Keep After the Pandemic

If your elderly family member retains only one major habit from the coronavirus pandemic, it really should be washing her hands often. Handwashing greatly reduces the transfer of germs, especially when lots of people in the area are sick with colds or the flu. Washing hands for at least 20 seconds with plenty of soap is the best way to go with this.  

Wearing a Mask Out in Public 

The CDC has changed their stance on wearing masks out in public, and that might be helpful information in the future, too. Cloth face masks should fit snugly over your senior’s face, but they should also be comfortable. If your elderly family member can’t breathe easily with a cloth face mask on, she should talk to her doctor about whether she should continue to try to wear them. It’s possible that her health conditions, especially if any of them are lung issues, could keep her from wearing a face mask. 

Keeping Her Immune System Strong 

All of the things your senior does now to keep her immune system strong should be habits that she continues to do. That means eating healthy meals, getting plenty of quality sleep, and moving according to her doctor’s recommendations. These are all healthy choices that pay off for your senior, whether there’s a pandemic or not. 

Reconsidering When Distance Is Good 

Distance may still continue to be a good thing when it comes to avoiding other illnesses in the future. While the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is believed to be transmitted primarily through respiratory droplets, it’s not the only illness that’s transmitted through respiratory droplets. Staying a little farther away from other people during times when cold and flu are prevalent can help your elderly family member to avoid those illnesses. 

There may be other things that your senior decides are a good idea now, too. Relying on home care providers to run help her around the house might be one of them. Any little thing that can keep your elderly family member safe and healthy is likely going to be helpful for her, too. 

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