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What Does Psychological Self-care Look Like?

Caregiver Sauk Centre MN: What Does Psychological Self-care Look Like?

Caregiver Sauk Centre MN: What Does Psychological Self-care Look Like?

Taking care of your psychological well-being is vital for caregivers. These tips can help you to boost what you’re already doing.

Talk to Yourself Like You Love Yourself

It’s really easy to be way too hard on yourself as a caregiver. You might be able to list off all the things you’ve done wrong, but how motivating do you really find that to be? Chances are that it only makes you feel worse. Instead, think about how you talk to the people that you love. Odds are that you’re really supportive and you try to help them to see the best in themselves. That’s what you need to do for yourself, too.

Find Some Affirmations

Affirmations might feel silly at first, but they’re really powerful. Affirmations are short, active sentences that help you focus on what you’re trying to reinforce for yourself. For a caregiver, you might want one of your affirmations to be, “I’m doing the best that I can.” This can help you to focus on the fact that you don’t have to be perfect. Some other affirmations you might want to try could include:

  • Rest helps me to feel better.
  • I don’t need to worry.
  • I’m grateful for (whatever you’re feeling grateful for right then).

Look for Activities that Help You to Feel Calmer

Calm can be difficult to find as a caregiver, especially when everything seems to be in chaos. So whatever you can do to bring calm into your life is vital. Take up mediation every morning or start walking a nature trail in your area. Start implementing activities that can help you to embrace those moments of calm for later.

Keep a Journal of Your Accomplishments

Do you get many pats on the back as a caregiver? Probably not. You’re going to need to become your own best cheerleader. Start keeping a journal of your accomplishments and wins. When you’re feeling particularly down, flip through your journal and remember that you’re actually pretty awesome at being a caregiver. Each time you get a new win, no matter how small it feels, capture it in your journal.

Your self-care plan might have some other ideas in it, too, like talking to a therapist or joining a caregiver support group. Find the solutions that help you to feel better mentally and emotionally. Then take steps to make sure you implement those solutions when you need them.

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Excerpt: Taking care of your psychological health looks a little different for everyone, but some of these activities might be part of your plan.

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Cindy Karasch, COTA, CSA, President, CEO

President, CEO at Alternative Senior Care
As the founder and CEO of Alternative Senior Care, Cindy is responsible for all areas of the business. She has an Associate degree in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelors degree in Management of Human Services. “My skills in Occupational Therapy were useful in adapting methods, materials, and environments for children in special education classes as well as with adults in rehabilitation centers and local nursing homes.”
Cindy grew up in Sauk Centre and raised her three children here. She has five grandchildren.Married to Mike since 2010, she keeps busy with gardening and outdoor activities.

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