When you’re feeling overwhelmed, there can be a lot of reasons that’s the case. Finding the right balance is an important part of caregiving because there’s more on your plate than just caring for your senior. 

What Does Everybody Need?

Elderly Care Sauk Centre, MN: Feeling Overwhelmed

Get an idea what is working and what isn’t. What needs have to be met on a daily or weekly basis? It’s important to stop and assess this periodically, because part of feeling overwhelmed is often that you’re preparing for one situation and actually taking care of a different one. If you can get things in better alignment, the overwhelm can slip away. So, what tasks and appointments need to be accounted for on a regular basis? 

Does the Current Routine Support Those Needs? 

Once you’re looking more closely at those needs, you may be able to spot right away where current routines do and do not support meeting those needs. For instance, your elderly family member may need more hands-on assistance with personal care tasks. If you’re not already accounting for that in your daily routines, that’s going to feel like you’re constantly running late or being dragged away from what you were planning to do. One answer may be to rearrange your plans, but another might be to support that routine with help from elderly care providers assisting your senior with personal care. 

Stop Overscheduling and Become More Flexible 

Another benefit of looking more closely at needs and routines is that you can see where you might be overscheduling yourself and your senior. That’s definitely something that you can adjust. It might also be possible that you need to be more flexible in your scheduling. If you’re trying to rigidly adhere to a specific timed schedule, that may not be appropriate for your senior’s current needs. 

You Have to Have Down Time 

Something else to consider is that you need to be able to have time to just be as well. If you’re not putting that kind of time and activity into your own schedule and routine, you’re not going to get it. Take advantage of help from elderly care providers and take respite time. When you come back, you’ll be better prepared to handle the rest of whatever is going on. 

Every day isn’t going to be perfect and if you’re expecting that, you’re going to be more disappointed than you want to be. Give yourself, your senior, and the situation a lot more grace and try to roll with the punches a bit more. 

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