It can feel a bit like you’re betraying your senior to even wonder if she should give up driving. Bringing the question up with her can be even worse. But it’s a conversation you need to have. 

Ask if She’s Willing to Talk about Other Ideas

Elderly Care Glenwood, MN: Seniors and Driving

It’s a good idea to find out fairly early in this process how open your senior is to other options beyond driving herself. How you approach this topic is going to matter more than you think, too. Your senior may know that her ability to drive is fading, but she may be concerned about other issues. Being left at home or being forgotten are just two of her possible worries. Hiring elderly care providers to drive for her gives her other types of assistance, too. 

Pay Attention to Driving Patterns 

Are you noticing any patterns with your senior’s driving? For instance, is she no longer driving during heavy traffic or when it’s raining? Changes to her normal patterns can mean that she realizes that there are concerns with her ability to drive and she’s trying to compensate. These patterns might not be obvious ones for you, so you may need to start paying closer attention. 

Ride Along with Her 

One way you can start to be more aware of her driving patterns is to ride along with your senior now and again. You don’t have to do this often or make a big deal out of it, either. In fact, if your senior is nervous about you riding with her, you might not get an accurate look at her true driving capabilities. There are several important things to look for, like whether she’s adhering to the rules of the road, but you also want to notice other details. Can your senior see over the dashboard or turn to look over her shoulder? Is it difficult for her to reach essential parts of the car?  

See if Her Doctor Has Advice 

Talking to her doctor might help, too. Find out if there’s anything that her doctor recommends that can help you to determine whether you need to move forward and find other transportation solutions. There may be some advice your senior is willing to hear from her physician that she ignores from you. This is definitely worth a try if she’s been resistant to making a decision on this. 

This is tough for you and for your senior. It’s not easy to suddenly be unable to do something that she’s likely done for decades. Big changes can take longer to acclimate to, so be gentle with her and with yourself. 


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