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Don’t Ignore Complaints from Seniors on Feeling Dizzy

Does your aging mom or dad complain about feeling dizzy regularly? If they are experiencing dizzy spells more than one or two a month, it may be the result of a health issue that is affecting them. Elderly adults have a high risk of developing illness, disease and other ailments and dizziness can often be one of the first symptoms that appear. Occasional dizzy spells are quite normal, but recurring dizziness is something that a doctor should be aware of.


Family caregivers and senior care providers should have a clear idea of what the elderly adult is experiencing when they say they are dizzy. Some seniors may complain all the time but aren’t really feeling the symptoms while others may not want to bother their family member or senior care provider and keep dizzy symptoms to themselves. Family caregivers need to be able to report the frequency and duration of a dizzy spell to the doctor on the aging adult’s behalf. Many seniors might use alternative terms like:


Senior Care Little Falls MN Seniors with Dizziness

Senior Care Little Falls MN Seniors with Dizziness

• Lightheaded
• Floating
• Spinning
• Fatigue
• Weakness
• Nauseated
• Whirling
• Tunnel vision


Dizziness can leave seniors feeling unsteady on their feet and affect their balance in numerous ways. In some cases, feeling dizzy can lead to vomiting. Also, poor balance can lead to falling, and might result in broken bones, concussions and lacerations. If aging adults are experiencing recurring dizziness, it’s important for family caregivers and senior care providers to remain by their side to avoid having such accidents.


The doctor may find that there isn’t anything wrong with the aging adult that can’t be fixed with a little lifestyle change. Common minor causes of dizziness in seniors include dehydration, low blood sugar, heat stress, side effects of medicine, overuse of caffeine or alcohol or to much exertion. Usually these conditions are easily treatable and don’t signal any underlying health concerns.


However, dizzy spells can also be part of a collection of symptoms that reflect a more serious condition. This can include an ear infection, diabetes, vertigo, panic attacks, anemia, chronic stress and even a heart attack or stroke. Once the doctor can identify what’s happening in the aging adult’s body, they can start treating the condition and making the dizziness recede or go away entirely.


Under no circumstances should family caregivers ignore their aging loved one’s complaints about feeling dizzy. They should also listen to others who spend time with the senior, like other family members or senior care providers. If chronic dizzy spells are present, everyone must take those important steps toward maintaining the senior’s health and safety before, during and after treatment.


While minor dizziness may not seem like such a big deal, family caregivers must not ignore complaints of dizziness, or they risk putting their health in danger.


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