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6 Activities Senior Care Can Do with Alzheimer’s Patients

Senior care Albany, MN. Activities for Alzheimer's Patients

Senior Care Albany, MN. Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease have the same emotional needs as everyone else. They feel joy and sadness just like you do. They can also get bored and frustrated. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s disease makes it difficult for them to communicate with others and do the things they once did. That can make days stretch out and cause emotional problems. Senior care can engage your aging relative in activities each day to improve their quality of life and keep them feeling happier. Below are 6 activities senior care can do with older adults who have Alzheimer’s disease.

#1: Reminisce Over Old Photos Many seniors with Alzheimer’s enjoy talking about things from their past. A senior care provider can look through an old photo album with them and ask questions about the pictures. This encourages the older adult to talk about their lives and remember happier times.

#2: Read a Book If your aging relative has always enjoyed reading, but can no longer do so on their own, senior care can read aloud to them. Hearing the voice of someone they trust can be comforting. Choose books that are familiar favorites to make the experience even more calming.

#3: Cook Favorite Treats As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, the person will lose their ability to cook on their own. However, if your loved one enjoys cooking and baking, a senior care provider can help them to continue enjoying it. The senior care provider can follow the recipe and give them jobs to do, such as adding in the ingredients or stirring.

#4: Revisit an Old Hobby If the older adult once enjoyed knitting or crocheting, the senior care provider can give them a ball of yarn to hold. Feeling the yarn in their hands may bring back memories. They may even still be able to knit or crochet a bit using muscle memory. This can also work with other hobbies, just be sure that the items the senior is given to hold are safe.

#5: Care for Pets Senior care can assist the older adult to continue caring for a beloved pet. If they have enjoyed brushing the dog or cat in the past, they may still be able to do so if the senior care provider puts the brush in their hand and helps them to begin the motion. They can also help them to fill food dishes or go for walks.

#6: Do a Puzzle Depending on the stage of the disease, your family member may still be able to do jigsaw puzzles with the help of a senior care provider. However, you may need to buy simpler puzzles than they were able to do in the past.

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