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Easing the Challenges for Seniors After Spine Surgery

Homecare in Belgrade MN: Easing the Challenges for Seniors After Spine Surgery

Chronic back pain can make the days uncomfortable and the nights unbearable. Elderly adults that suffer from herniated discs, bone spurs, and spinal stenosis may get relief from undergoing spine surgery. Many doctors recommend surgery after other less intrusive methods fail.

Too often, the elderly adult and their family members focus on all the events leading up to the surgery. However, it’s never too late to line up in-home help during their recovery time after. Family caregivers can hire a home care provider to be there from the first day home from the hospital to whenever the aging adult can live independently again.

One Week After Surgery

Seniors will not be able to bend, twist or lift anything when they come home from the surgery. Their doctor also wants them to avoid lifting anything heavier than a few pounds as they recover. Of course, they will likely be in a lot of pain, having just come home from the hospital, and will need reminders to take painkillers. Keeping themselves clean and fed is extremely difficult for non-mobile seniors, so having a home care provider to help is invaluable.

Four Weeks After Surgery

At this time, seniors are at the greatest risk for blood clots and infection. They are also concerned about keeping their surgery incision clean and dry. Home care providers can help seniors get up and move around, so clots don’t develop. Regular walks can also aid in making the heart, lungs and digestive system more effective. Of course, home care providers continue to help with in-home care duties like housekeeping, cooking, and laundry.

Up to Three Months After Surgery

It is at this time where elderly adults start doing physical therapy but often cannot drive yet. Home care providers can transport them to their appointments, so they can build up their strength and continue on a good path to recovery. Some seniors may start to regain their independence and may not need home care providers as much but cannot be completely on their own.

Four Months After Surgery and Beyond

Seniors should be feeling relatively pain free and may even be getting a lot of their range of motion back. However, elderly adults heal more slowly than younger adults, so their overall condition may be behind schedule. Some seniors may take up to a year or longer to completely recover. Home care providers can encourage the aging adults to exercise more and continue with at-home physical therapy.

Aging adults that have spine surgery are going to have to depend on others to help them as they recover. When family caregivers are not able to do so themselves, they should seriously consider hiring a home care provider. The most critical part of spine surgery recovery is to avoid overdoing it, but seniors who live independently may push it and delay their healing. With a home care provider around, aging adults are more likely to take good care of themselves.

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