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What Causes Bone Cancer?

Bone cancer is cancer that begins in a bone. It can start in any of the 206 bones in the human body. However, if cancer starts in other tissues and then spreads to the bones, it is not considered bone cancer. Bone cancer most commonly starts in the pelvis, arms, or legs. It isn’t a common kind of cancer, fewer than 1 percent of all cancers is bone cancer. However, if your aging relative has been diagnosed with bone cancer, it doesn’t matter if it’s rare. You still need answers and will want to educate yourself about the condition.


Bone Cancer Overview

Home Care Glenwood, MN: Causes of Bone Cancer

Home Care Glenwood, MN: Causes of Bone Cancer

There are different kinds of bone cancer. Some of them are more common in children and others in adults. Doctors describe how far the cancer has advanced using stages. The stages of bone cancer are:


• Stage 1: The bone cancer hasn’t spread outside the bone and is not aggressive.
• Stage 2: Stage 2 is similar to stage 1 except that the cancer is aggressive.
• Stage 3: There are at least 2 tumors in one bone. They are in different parts of the bone.
• Stage 4: In stage 4, the cancer has spread to other areas of the body.


The most common symptom of bone cancer is pain that starts in the part of the body that is affected. The pain might be mild at first, so mild that the person may not see a doctor about it. As time goes on, the pain gets worse. Other symptoms of bone cancer include:


• Swelling.
• Bones that are weak and break more easily.
• Losing weight without trying.
• A lump in the part of the body that is affected.


Causes of Bone Cancer
In most cases, doctors are unable to determine the cause of bone cancer. However, they have identified a few risk factors, such as:


• Genetic syndromes that are inherited, such as hereditary retinoblastoma.
• Paget’s disease, which is most common in seniors, is a bone disease that makes developing bone cancer more likely.
• Having radiation therapy for cancer treatment.


Even though some risk factors have been identified, most people who get bone cancer don’t have any risk factors.


If your aging relative has bone cancer, hiring a home care provider through an agency will help them to live more comfortably during treatment and recovery. Home care providers can allow the senior to rest while they clean the house, cook meals, answer the phone, do laundry, and do other things around the house. A home care provider can also drive them to treatment appointments and sit with them afterward, helping to manage treatment side effects.


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