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What Are Personal Care Tasks?

Home Care Albany MN: What Are Personal Care Tasks?

Home Care Albany MN: What Are Personal Care Tasks?

One type of assistance that home care services can offer to your elderly family member is that of taking over personal care tasks. But what falls under that label?

Dental Hygiene

Taking care of her teeth, mouth, and dentures can get more complicated for your senior if her fine motor skills are giving her trouble. If she’s neglecting oral hygiene, that can lead to other issues for your elderly family member. She might find that her breath isn’t as fresh as she’d like or that her mouth is dry more often. From there, tooth decay and gum issues can become a big problem.

Bathing and Dressing

Bathing is important from a health standpoint, but it also helps your elderly family member to feel her best, too. If she’s not able to bathe on her own, your senior might start avoiding people and isolating herself. That can lead to bigger issues, like depression. Having someone available who can help her to bathe and dress herself each day can boost your senior’s confidence in amazing ways.

Hair and Makeup Help

As much as bathing and getting dressed help your senior’s confidence, having her hair and makeup just so can be just as important. Grooming is something that your elderly family member might take for granted until it becomes too difficult for her to do by herself. With help, this doesn’t have to be an issue for your aging adult.

Help Using the Toilet

An even more embarrassing issue can be toileting on her own. Your senior may find that she’s dealing with other issues, like incontinence, that creates complications for her. If her mobility is compromised, your senior may find it difficult to get to the bathroom in time, which can lead to embarrassing accidents. Home care providers can help her to get to the bathroom before she runs out of time.

Meal Preparation and Feeding

Eating is a very personal activity and your senior may find ways to avoid it, especially if she’s having difficulties that embarrass her. She may also find it difficult to muster the energy to prepare healthy meals, which can leave her relying on less than healthy options. When someone else takes over those tasks for her, she can often improve her energy levels as she eats better and more regularly.

Home care providers can help your aging family member with all of these tasks or just a few of them. It’s all about what helps her and you the most. Some aging adults find that having someone they’re not related to helping with more embarrassing tasks helps them to feel more comfortable. No matter what, your senior can find the right combination to make her feel at ease.

Excerpt: At some point, your senior might need some help with personal care tasks. But what all does that entail?

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