When you’re a caregiver to someone you love, you might be noticing small changes without really noticing them. The thing is that those small changes often mean that bigger things are happening behind the scenes. You might need to look deeper at what those little changes really mean. 

You See Things that Make You Wonder if She’s Avoiding Some Issues

Elder Care Little Falls, MN: Caregiving and Nerves

It’s normal to worry if you see things like mail piled up or late notices for bills your senior has the funds to pay. These little scenarios can mean that these small details are slipping your senior’s mind or that she’s simply ignoring them. It helps to try to talk to her about what’s going on so that you can help her to find an answer that works. 

You’re Seeing More Fall Hazards Around Her House 

If you’re noticing more and more things that could possibly trip your senior up, you’re probably not imagining the situation. There are likely to be more and more of these issues as your senior ages, which can cause serious injuries for her. Addressing these issues is really important as soon as you see them so that you can stay on top of them more readily. 

Your Senior’s Car Is Looking a Little Worse than Usual 

Your elderly family member’s car can tell you a lot about what’s happening, too. If you’re noticing that it seems to be collecting dings and scratches, there might be a reason. Your senior’s ability to drive safely is crucial, especially if she’s going out by herself a great deal. It might be time to consider alternative transportation options, such as hiring elder care providers to do the driving. 

Your Senior Doesn’t Seem to Be Socializing Much 

If your elderly family member isn’t even calling friends and family often, that can be a sign that she’s feeling emotionally withdrawn. Reaching out to her more often yourself can help. It can also help to find out what might be causing her to feel withdrawn. Addressing her emotional needs compassionately can help her to feel more comfortable opening up about what might be going on with her. From there you can develop a plan. 

There’s no one situation that definitely means your senior is having trouble. But paying attention to these little details can help you to spot problems before they have a chance to snowball. One solution might be bringing elder care providers in to give your senior a hand.


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