Bringing in home care providers to give you respite time is one of the best things that you can do as a caregiver. You might have been putting this off, though, especially if you’re not sure how to use respite time the right way.

Focus on Other Obligations

Home Care Little Falls, MN: Using Respite Time

There’s likely a lot going on in your life as it is. You may have a career, other family members, and so much more to manage. That means that sometimes respite time is an opportunity for you to focus solely on those other obligations. Knowing that your elderly family member is safe and in good hands gives you a chance to properly focus on whatever else needs your attention.

Manage a Big Task for Your Senior

There might also be some big things you need to handle for your elderly family member. Paperwork is a huge issue, especially when you’re dealing with insurance companies and other types of red tape. So, having some uninterrupted blocks of time might be just what you need in order to concentrate on something that just can’t wait any longer.

Deal with Your Own Health Needs

What about your own health? If you’ve been a caregiver for any time at all you’ve probably noticed already that you may put off your own healthcare appointments, even when you know you should be keeping yourself higher on your priority list. Maybe a few of your respite time sessions involve going to your dentist or booking that physical with your doctor.

Catch up on Rest

If you’re not resting much, respite time can be just the answer you’re seeking. Resting is tough to do when you’re concerned about what’s happening with your senior. If you’re tackling rest during respite time, you know that your elderly family member is with someone who can handle her needs. This allows you to truly relax and hopefully to recharge yourself.

You Don’t Have to Do Anything Specific

There’s nothing that says you have to do anything in particular at all with respite time, though. Lots of caregivers feel as if they have to have a reason in order to take respite time. But you don’t. Respite time is your time, to handle or not handle whatever it is you need to take care of in that moment. And if what you need is a span of time in which you don’t do anything at all? Take that time.

Respite time is easy to overlook, because it seems like it isn’t important or maybe is even frivolous. But it’s an important part of your own self-care plan, no matter how you use it.


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