Your dad had a stroke. Your mom’s been diagnosed with heart disease. Whatever new situation is affecting your parents, you know they need care at home if they’re going to avoid a move. Your family is currently discussing different options. One of them is having your siblings provide the care they need.

You’re torn. Professional caregivers go through training. You’ve read a lot about the stress that comes with caregiving. You and your siblings don’t have any special skills as a carer. Can you really be an effective family caregiver if you have no training?

Family Caregivers Don’t Need Training

Home Care Sauk Centre, MN: Do You Need Special Skills To Be a Family Caregiver?

Family caregivers don’t need special training to care for their parent. That said, it may be harder to manage certain aspects of care without any experience. You need to be a patient, thick-skinned person when caring for a parent.

For example, helping your dad transfer from a wheelchair to a shower seat when you’re not accustomed to lifting a person can be a struggle. He may hurl insults about your incompetence when he’s embarrassed.

You will find some tasks are easier than others. Reminding your mom to take her daily medications is easier than helping her with toileting. Cooking their meals is easier than brushing and flossing their teeth. You have to look at the care they need and decide if you’re capable or even comfortable doing these things.

You Can’t Ignore Self-Care

You cannot ignore your own needs. If your family caregiving duties prevent you from socializing with friends, going out with your partner, or spending time with your kids, you need to stop and adjust your schedule. You have to take care of yourself before you can care for others.

There Are Programs That Help

You may find it beneficial to take online classes regarding certain chronic health conditions. If your dad has Alzheimer’s disease, you may not be prepared for the emotional toll of caring for him. The Alzheimer’s Association’s free training and education center can be a huge help if you’re going to be caring for a parent with dementia.

You should also join a caregiver support group. You’ll need a place to vent your frustrations. You need support from people who truly understand what you’re going through. Online or in-person support groups are essential when you’re a family caregiver.

Don’t Feel Ashamed or Defeated if You Need to Call in the Professionals

Some people struggle with caregiving. Your parents may not be receptive to having you help them with more intimate tasks. You may not be prepared for the emotional toll of caring for a parent. Home care is a beneficial option in those situations. Rather than cause undue stress, arrange home care services.


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