Caregiver in Alexandria MN: National Family Caregivers Day

November is National Family Caregivers Month, where multiple organizations across the country honor and recognize the hard work and sacrifice that millions of Americans give to their aging relatives. These unsung heroes take on a lot of responsibility to keep elderly adults safe, healthy and happy when they can no longer live alone or accomplish the daily tasks they need to.

Delivers Information

Part of National Family Caregivers Month is promoting resources and information for family caregivers, allowing the community to rally behind them and help alleviate the stress and isolation that many of them face. Most national health associations, from the American Cancer Association to the Alzheimer’s Association, work extra hard during National Family Caregivers Month to spread the word about the resources they have available to anyone in need.

Promotes Health and Safety

Besides information, many family caregivers need guidelines on the healthiest and safest way to do their duties. It can be incredibly difficult to incorporate full or part-time family care into a person’s already busy life. It’s not unusual for family caregivers to sacrifice areas of their own life in favor of their elderly relative. Jobs, children, spouses and social time often end up on the chopping block as family caregivers scramble to do more in less time. National Family Caregivers Month promotes the warning signs of caregiver burnout and depression, two conditions that family caregivers often develop.

Lends Support

Too many family caregivers try to take on the responsibility of looking after an elderly loved one all on their own. However, that’s when a lot of stress and frustration happen. For National Family Caregivers Month, organizations try to point family caregivers toward resources that provide support. This can include community organizations for elderly adults and senior-centered groups nearby. Numerous resources can help family caregivers with the long-term care of their aging loved one.

Location In-Home Care

Many family caregivers find a good balance by hiring in-home care providers to take on some of the responsibility of daily care. Home care providers are professionals who are trained to help aging adults that want to age in place but perhaps struggle with mental or physical issues and require daily care. Home care providers can stay with the elderly adult while the family caregiver takes time away. They can be scheduled as often as needed and provide respite care, so family caregivers have time for themselves and their other responsibilities.

Being a family caregiver can be a lonely and thankless job. Because of the efforts to connect these hard workers with others via National Family Caregivers Month, family caregivers can see how much they are appreciated and get support in ways that will benefit both them and their elderly loved one.

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