For those not directly involved in hospice care, hospice is often a misunderstood and scary term for many people. Recently, Alternative Senior Care conducted hospice training to develop understanding and dispel the fear surrounding this very beneficial service.

Each year, ASC conducts “champion level” hospice training for our personal assistants. We’ve also opened this training to other professionals and the general public. Back on September 26th, forty-one people took advantage of the opportunity to attend this important training event. We’d like to thank Knute Nelson Hospice for providing the education and use of their beautiful Grand Arbor facility.

Although not a hospice agency, ASC supports families through the process. We partner with hospice agencies throughout our service area to help patients and their families navigate this very challenging time in their lives. We take on tasks that the family is uncomfortable performing or maybe they simply don’t have time to “do it all”. We bring peace of mind to a very difficult situation.

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